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Grown ADU

Grow your property — Own your future


Increase your property value

Building an ADU typically increases the value of a property by 25%

Increase square footage for a family member 

Build as small as a studio or as large as a three bedroom house with kitchen and bathroom

Increase your income

Rent your ADU as a short- or long-term rental


We build ADUs in sizes ranging from 400 to 1200 square feet. Per square foot pricing varies depending on model size and finishes.

We provide environmentally friendly and carbon-neutral ADU construction.


  1. We design and build with money you arrange.
  2. We design and build with our money. When the project is finished you refinance your mortgage on the new increased property value to pay us back.
  3. We design and build with our money as a loan to you and share the rental income until we are paid off.


Contact us now to determine if an ADU is possible on your property.

Start construction once plans are approved (typically a 3-6 month process).

Move into completed ADU within 6-12 months of the start of construction.


Property owners

with the right setbacks to build an ADU

Single people and young families

looking for additional income

Older families

looking for extra space for adult children

Retired people

looking to supplement fixed incomes